Decentralized manufacturing

3d printing is an important trend. It enables any person to create potentially any physical object. You don't even need 3d design skills, you can just download a model from the web, print it and there you have it!

With a little bit of postprocessing those can be made into consumer products and traded on the web. E.g Etsy, you have amazing looking high quality products you cannot find anywhere else. Why? They are custom made. Not mass produced. And that is another important trend. People want things that are unique, because they themselves are unique (like everyone, duh). Mass customization is here.

You can have premium quality products for fraction of a price if they are 3d printed and made by people locally. Recently I put together an environmental controller with raspberry pi, relays, sensors, power supply, a lot of cables and 3d printed case. The material cost of the product is at 130$. Competing solutions trade at 450-1200$.

Biggest cost here is the research and development. And you can safely assume that not everyone who can 3d print and lego things together can also assemble electronic parts and do the software part. But, if you put those how-to plans on a single platform and then:

  1. Credit the creators with % commission at each sale of their invention.
  2. Pay people to put those things together (wherever in the world they are).
  3. Let consumers purchase those and get premium custom made and custom designed products for cheap.

There you have it. An interesting platform. It's a little like kick starter, but with a supply chain. You have your invention, you push it to the plaform and it can be instantly built and shipped everywhere in the world. There should be something like this already, is it?

I think this incentive structure creates a good loop for the whole thing to grow organically. You have the creators that have the neccessary knowledge to design and make valuable things. And they have the incentive to put it together and share it. They are getting paid on every sale.

Consumers are protected by the platform. If the maker ships sub-par product he won't be credited with the funds. Also, the rating system protects and incentivises makers to deliver high quality goods.

And bonus it's crypto only. Prices are determined by the location of the maker. Plus they get a bonus if they ship outside their country. Locally its cheaper.